Raf Simons, a Fashion Inspo

Fashion isn't about having the latest runway pieces but about style. Style is a reflection of your personality and your attitude. Raf Simons has changed the fashion game and has become a inspiration to many designers through his unique outlook on fashion. He has taken over Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Adidas and Fred Perry. For a while now I have admired his style and unique ways of designing pieces. 

I own multiple Raf Simon pieces and will be getting more shortly! In this article I'm going to show you how I wear my Rafs and how to combine designer pieces with everyday clothing. B

I own a couple Raf Simons pieces and will definitely be acquiring more but a lot of designers are now copying his style so many runway pieces are actually inspired by Mr.Simons. This curated list will include pieces I own and have posted on my social platforms and a couple pieces I think you should all look at and consider. You can click the picture to shop for each product :)