GlamGlow Masks

It all started when...

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from a company I was obsessed with. My obsession was to the point that I had post notifications on, I could tell when others had it on their snapchat stories and would lather up on masks and dream of the day I would receive them for free. Glamglow is a indie company that's vision is to make masks that target problem areas while having cute packaging and a unique experience. I was given a PR package with multiple different masks to try out on camera and use the remainder of the product.

Needless to say, I was raving.

I am a self-proclaimed Sephora addict and had purchased a couple different masks with my own money so I knew it was a brand I would love to work with. 

I was given six different masks three of which I had never used. I personally love taking care of my skin, because it is the one investment you wear everyday. I am very expressive about my interest in beauty on my social platforms from face wash, toner, and masks all the way to CC creams and highlighter. Masks relax and soothe me, after a long rough day I love to sit in bed either watching Netflix or scrolling through my Instagram feed with a candle lit.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I could successfully succeed in influencing and blogging I would have laughed and said thats funny. But, if I could share one thing with anybody it would be to always follow your dreams and be persistent; you never know what's behind the next door so always pursue things in a positive mindset and positivity will shortly follow... it's how the world works.

P.S. my full review for the products are on my youtube channel so feel free to watch, subscribe and comment what you think. Thanks for reading and I hope you left here with something that changed your mindset. 

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