My Favorite Candles of the Year

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you probably know I have a candle addiction. Ever since I was little I can remember candles constantly burning around my house.  My mom loved to have a clean house and our maid would light one in every room before my siblings and I would get home from school so the house smelled and felt peaceful. I have carried this routine into my teen/adulthood and love to light a couple candles along side a tea or a face mask. Candles for me are more than just something you burn because they are created in different ways. For example a soy candle burns slower and is more natural then a regular wax candle. I love a subtle smell that lingers with a warmth and freshness. 

I have gone through thousands of candles and can say that I know exactly what I like in a scent and what I do not like. A collage of my favorite candle brands and smells will be below... Feel free to look at my instagram story to see what candles I'm using at the moment or shoot me a Direct Message and I will be sure to get to it.

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