So the real tea is that... Gucci is a brand that I used to find very tacky. I thought it was too gody and I didn't like some of the pieces and I continue to find pieces I don't personally like. Some of the stuff is just boring print that I find dumb and repetitive. However, After the new creative director took over, it has begun to resemble more street wear fashion, which is what I wear. I also love the shoes because the white sneakers are more simplistic and people are more drawn to it because they are eye catching but subtle at the same time. Below I will added items I have and think you should have in your closet. Thanks for reading and stay stylish 


1. Gucci Keychain Wallet

2. Gucci Snake Tie

3. Gucci Floral Embroidered Sneaker

4 & 5. Gucci Tiger Sneaker

6. Gucci Feline Ring

7. Gucci Flame Sneaker 

8 & 9. Gucci Hand Painted Floral Jacket