By @oscardudus

Yeezy is not a brand. Yeezy is not a shoe. Yeezy is not a man. Yeezy is a movement. A movement sending seismic waves through the fashion industry, and shaking it to its very core. Kanye Omari West founded Yeezy in 2015 and since then it has changed everything. Forever.



Kanye started the brand by releasing the Adidas Yeezy Boost  350 in the color Turtle Dove. The 350 is made with adidas and it is an incredibly comfortable shoe. I've never personally owned the shoe, but my friend had absolutely no problem dropping $2,000 on it. That's incredible for a shoe that retailed for just $200. But let's get real, IT’S NOT WORTH 2000 FUCKING DOLLARS PEOPLE !!!! though the shoe is very well made it's never ever gonna be worth that astronomical sum of money, it's not a python leather Christian Louboutin after all. The 350 is available in four (5) different colorways. Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Oxford Tan, and Moonrock. I say 5 because for the Yeezy Season 4 fashion show kanye ordered a ton of White Yeezy 350s and painted them with a brighter white. Only three pairs have ever surfaced and they sell for around $35,000.

Up next is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. This is Ye’s most successful shoe and he sold the most pairs of these. That also means every dumbass with $400 probs has them in one color way or another. The shoe is very comfortable and there are rare colorways that you can still flex with. The shoe is a wonderful work out shoe. Boost provides an ultracomfort blue cushion for your foot and the primeknit upper feels like a comfortable sock. The shoe is definitely worth its $220 retail price but not much more than that. My favorite colorways are Zebra, and Beluga 2.0.


Ye then went on this whole Dad shoe thing where everyone was very confused but then the Yeezy 500 and 700 and Powerphase eventually spawned the whole “Dad shoe” trend. I’ve owned all three of theses shoes and they are very comfortable however for the 500 I would HIGHLY recommend removing the very uncomfortable ortholite insert.


I can’t wait to see what’s next to come for Kanye West and Yeezy




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