Dior Lookbook

Christian Dior is a style icon; his French fashion shows were eye capturing during the Treaty of Paris in 1947. His Looks were timeless and embraced femininity and focused on luxury which many brands at the time couldn't achieve the true meaning of luxury. Dior is not only a brand of clothing it is an art. Dior is in exhibitions in the largest cities around the world to showcase art, a custom-made blazer flown in from France is undividedly different from your H&M jacket that took 2 minutes to stitch, and if you to make and if you keep up with the News a lot of these large cheap brands use child labor and slaves, and that's why they can deliver a jacket to you for $30 on "sale," and it breaks by the second wash. Dior has expanded in all markets due to the fantastic niche orientated marketing that goes on, and if you check out their Instagram, it's an art exhibit that captures the eye and intrigues the mind. I personally have always loved Dior and its so timeless you can wear last seasons shoes or sunglasses, and it still adds ice to your outfit. Investing in timeless pieces has always been my thing because when you compare shoes from Adidas to a pair of Dior's your foot will sense it, and if you try on a pair of ray bans sunglasses vs a pair of Dior's you feel the difference in the aura and everybody will stare at the Dior's hands down. In all seriousness, something has to be said about a company who seriously values their materials and only delivers the best to its customers while making them feel confident, and that's what Christian Dior had in mind when he began his journey as a designer. Below I'll link some cool pieces from this season that I love as well as articles I already own. As always thanks so much for reading xoxo -Chaz