Transcendent Clothing Exclusive Sneak Peek Season 1

This blog post is an exclusive sneak peek to a brand I've been working on for a while but have been waiting to make it perfect. I went to multiple factories in different cities and was concerned with many aspects from fabric to comfort ever single detail was looked over and revised. With that in mind I took a little over a year coming up with different seasons for my brand in order to keep up. I started with my Season 1 "Knew It" Hoodies making them both street wear and a night time look with the limited edition crop tops. I love what I have created and am so inspired to continue creating. This blog post is also up before the website is fully functional even though everything is basically done, and I know I have been teasing you all with Instagram pictures and videos of my hoodies. So I just want to thank you all for following me, I know it sounds so cliche but having a real group of people who admire your goals and slip ups has been so empowering to me and I can't thank you all enough,. Thank you so much for the short read and all the support I have received from those close to me who have seen this in the works. I love you all have an amazing rest of your day where ever you may be reading this... xoxo -Chaz 

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