Peter Thomas Roth Bubbling Mask

I have an obsession with skincare and masks if you haven't realized already from my Instagram stories and just blog in general. I love to try out new products when I see something cool that people are raving about. A couple of months ago, I saw a face mask on the popular page of Instagram and it started bubbling on the persons face. I thought it was so cool and I instantly started researching bubbling masks and their benefits. Peter Thomas Roth is a brand that I had used before and loved their Aloe Vera Calming mask. The bubbling mask is actually one of my favorite products now because it releases oxygen while bubbling on the skin. After using the product my skin looked more and more healthy looking. I alternate between this mask and the Fresh Rose mask because they both hydrate very well and leave my skin looking refreshed and brightened. To shop this mask click on the picture to be redirected or click the links below the picture :)