Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Hydro Mask

Dr Jart+ is a huge brand in Sephora and has always had one of the coolest innovative packaging hands down. I have also run into this brand around the world in China, Paris and Costa Rica and finally decided to buy it and try it out after a Sephora run. The mask I tried out on Youtube used to come as one big rubber mask that you would apply to your face for either hydration or for purifying effects but they switched their packaging to a DIY. I did my review on Youtube as a first impressions with a friend and it was more than enough for the both of us for just one DIY set and their was some left over product. I thought the packaging was a little difficult because the container wouldn't break open but other than that I really liked the consistency of the mask and it did as promised. My skin looked dewy and fresher after and I thought it was a fun mask that you can use with a friend while drinking wine and watching a movie or just at a sleep over as a gift. I think Im gonna start giving them out as gifts instead of candles because this mask is fun and skincare that works is always a cool thing to show others.  Thanks for reading and check out my Youtube Video for a more in-depth review.       -Chaz