FARMACY Honey Potion Mask

The Farmacy Honey Mask was recommended to me by a sales associate at a Sephora while on Vacation. I asked her for a good new mask that I could just try out for normal skin types and she recommended it. The packaging was super cool and had a magnet spatula that I thought was useful while applying the mask because brushes would've sticked together. The mask applies as honey yellow but then you have to rub it into your skin and it turns white. The mask promises to revitalize your skin to appear more smooth and youthful. The mask felt cool but burned a little while removing which made me feel like it was really working. My skin did look very smooth afterwards which I loved. I did make a youtube video and you can watch my whole review. But overall I really liked it and would give it a 9/10 because it did as promised and I love using it once a week. -Chaz