Chanel Vs. Estee Lauder Eye Masks Review

Estee Lauder is a huge skincare and beauty line that has taken over, and bought many other skincare lines. Chanel is in the luxury design sector but has beauty and skincare that are cult products for many. I personally love both brands and have many skincare items from both. I decided to review this on my Youtube channel by placing the Chanel Eye Patch under one eye and the Estee Lauder Mask under the other. The Chanel Flash Eye Revitalizer claims to "use vitamin complex's and targeted formula of the serum to help to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles". Estee Lauder Advanced Night Time Repair Eye Patches claim to "Experience this targeted weekly Eye Mask that bursts onto skin with 20 times more of our proven soothing, hydrating and Chronolux repair ingredients". 

Overall I thought that both gave different results. The Chanel Eye Patch gave firmness with little hydration, while the Estee Lauder eye patch gave a quick burst of hydration with very little firmness. When I use eye patches I personally prefer a patch that gives firmness because your eye contour should be firm, and eye creams can't deliver much firmness. So I preferred the Chanel eye patch because my eyes looked firm and tight while also hydrated, while my Estee Lauder eye was hydrated but there was not much firmness. I followed with Origins Eye Ginzing Eye cream afterwards for hydration, because eye cream is essential in any skincare routine. Finally, I give the Chanel Flash Eye Revitalizer a 10/10 and the Estee Lauder Eye Patches a 8.5/10

Thanks for Reading Down below are Pics of the products. xoxo -Chaz