Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Review

Sisley has and will have my heart forever... However I am very picky with products because of my face sensitivity and need to see results in products to keep them in my regimen, but the masks have been a game changer for me. I have gone through two red clay's and am currently using the tropical resins mask, but I had not tried the Black Rose Cream Mask so I bought it from Nordstrom and this is the review. When I first got the mask, it came in the classic Sisley packaging. Upon first opening it, it smells like caviar and rose but a mix, and smells wonderful. I love the smell of all Sisley masks, but this smell was lovely. I applied the mask with a BRUSH because your FINGERS HAVE OILS. The mask is creamy, and I left it on for ten minutes. My face sucked in the moisture, and I felt tighten to the gods. I have normal skin, so this made my skin look poreless and radiant. If you have dry skin, you are going to love this mask, and if you have normal skin, it's fantastic. The mask is a god sent, and I have added this to my weekly routine and have been traveling with it recently. After a plane ride, this is an amazing mask because it hydrates so well, and I will not be letting go of this one anytime soon.

Thanks for reading, xoxo -Chaz

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Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask