Ole Henrickensen cold plunge mask

I received a PR package from Ole Henricksen a few months back because I had posted some products and long story short we collaborated because I loved the products. A month ago the cold plunge mask launched and I received it and wanted to try it with two methods they recommended before reviewing it. PUT IT IN THE FREEZER orrrrr apply at room temperature. I was told that placing it in the freezer helped more with inflammation and I already ice my skin at least once a week to reduce redness and swelling. The cold plunge mask is a beautiful blue oil clay formula that doesn’t crumble when dry, and the color is vibrant and fun! The smell is spa-like (slightly minty), and it feels dreamy and cooling. It drew out impurities very well and hydrated my skin nicely. I overall loved this mask and would definitely recommend to everybody because it is so satisfying and refreshing to wash off with cold water. I loved it both in the freezer, and at room temperature, it did as promised and my pores were non-existent. I will be using this twice a week, and the price is fantastic. Xoxo -Chaz 

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Cold Plunge Mask