Ole Henricksen 3 step Mask

Ole Henricksen is currently one of my obsessions, a close friend recommended the toner to me and I fell down the rabbit hole. I received a significant amount of PR, and I only collab with brands if I genuinely love the products. So I accepted the Power Peel Transforming Facial System which is a 3 step "at home" facial. The mask claimed to transform skin leaving it smoother and brightened. The set contains six masks, and each mask has a 3 step regimen. The first step is an Almond Scrub that I rubbed in circular motions for 2 minutes and rinsed off. The next step Is a lemon facial peel which I left on for 2 minutes, and the instructions said to follow with the next step without rinsing off which scared me. The final step was the Chamomile mask which has a relaxing smell to it, and I applied it on top of the lemon peel. I left the mask on for 15 minutes, and I was surprised that it didn't make my skin burn from the peel. After removing the mask, my skin felt so refreshed and brightened. If your somebody who struggles with dark spots, hyper pigmentation and large pores this is an amazing option for you. Overall, I loved the mask and will be using it again, since it transformed my skin from a dull long week into a radiant, glowing boy again. I give this a firm 10/10 and will be using it more often for its amazing benefits.