Nest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Reed Diffuser

I am in love with interior design and I love when homes are designed modernly, and have scents in every room. I have this product on automatic subscription for every 2 months and love receiving my package to relish the product in my room and bathroom. A room should always have a scent in order to help you relax at the end of the day, and bathrooms are not an option you must have a scent because showers add humidity which smells and its a BATHROOM... I love the Nest Diffusers in general but only have a couple I love and recommend and this is one. The Sicilian tangerine is a  juicy fragrance that combines citrus notes of Sicilian tangerine and bergamot with tropical hints of passion fruit and mango blended over a base of musk and praline. The glass design of Nest Diffusers complements any home's interior and when I see a home with these it usually is always an amazing scent and it just adds texture and style to your home. I recommend this scent and a couple others that I will write blog posts for but like I said this one is amazing and I get them every other month automatically through Amazon prime. I will continue to write posts for my favorite diffusers from Nest and a couple different brands I also love. Click the image below to shop or the link underneath to shop 😝 -Chaz