Henri Bendel Candles

Henri Bendel is a flagship to New York shopping for Women. It is mentioned in tons of millennial movies and TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Revenge, and Sex In the City. They have tons of cute accessories for women and dogs, but my favorite part of the store is of course the candle section. The candles are Soy based (a huge pro and necessity in candles) and come in a Luxurious glass container. My favorite scents will be linked below, but a little tip is that occasionally the full priced candles go 50% off around Christmas and thats when I stock up on them because they are beautiful for interior decoration and smell irresistible. Below are my favorite candles so thanks for reading and enjoy. -Chaz


 Shop By number on picture 

1. Henri Bendel: Vanilla Bean

2. Henri Bendel: Champagne  

3. Henri Bendel: Floral Blossom