My favorite candles under $15

I did a poll on Instagram a couple weeks ago and asked if you guys would like me to do an alternate to my favorite candles, which are usually Diptyque, Nest Fragrances, Voluspa, and Le Labo. So I decided to go out to some stores and find candles under $15 that were high end and on sale. They had smells to be smells and candles I would burn in my own house. So I went to a couple stores and took this seriously because I smelled so many that my nose literally wanted to cry and I bought 6 but had to throw away three because one gave me a headache and I ended up disliking two a lot so these are the ones I loved and recommend. A trick while buying candles is to rub your hand against the candle and smell the candle after your finger warmed it and also to smell your finger lightly because some candles are more wax than fragrance to last longer and not release fragrance. The most important trick when buying candles is to make sure they are soy, because Soy is natural, lasts 50% longer and burns cleaner. So all the candles I will be listing are under $15 and are soy which is a great bargain and will prob start keeping these as extras and for gifts to friends and family.  To shop you can click the picture or scroll down to bottom for links. -Chaz