Glossier Skincare as Makeup?

A couple months ago, one of my very close friends introduced me to a new brand that she saw in a magazine. Tons of celebs were raving about it so I decided to read up on it and give it a shot. Their slogan was makeup through skincare and to keep your face dewy throughout the day. I reached out to Glossier and received a special offer as PR. 

I got the Phase 1 set, with rosewater and the super pure serum. Glossiers slogan is "Skincare products designed to instantly optimize skin’s tone, texture, and hydration levels so that it’s already at its best before you even think about makeup". The face wash is very gentle and hydrates at the same time, I followed with the rosewater toner which smelled amazing, then used the super pure serum designed for combination/acne prone skin and finished off with the priming moisturizer. The lip balm is one of my cult favorites now because it hydrates while slightly plumping which is a must for me.

My final thoughts of the product are very good. I loved that the face wash wasn't drying but hydrating and all the products are designed for sensitive skin which I have. I saw that my skin was more balanced after about a week. It made my skin ready for a casual day out or a full glam night which I love. Overall I would rate it a 9/10 and highly recommend especially with price point. 

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1. Glossier: Phase 1 Set (includes face wash, priming moisturizer and lip balm) 

2: Glossier: Rose Water Toner

3. Glossier: Super Pure Serum

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