Lancer Skincare

I am always reading through beauty magazines and watching influencers on Youtube talking about their favorite products. So when I see a product mentioned a few times by different people, I tend to try out the product for myself to build my own opinion and see how my skin reacts.  Lancer Skincare is used by tons of celebs such as Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian. Dr. Lancer not only makes his products in a lab, he also specifies a regimen to his clients for their diet, such as eating more salmon, vegetables, organic meat, and recommends staying away from dairy. I followed this regimen and used the face cleanser in the morning and the face scrub and cleanser at night, followed by eye creams and moisturizer. I personally loved how it made my skin look and feel; after a week and a half, my skin had gone from dull to super radiant. I would 10/10 recommend this product! There is a full size and travel size. I used the travel size to test it out on my skin and fell in love so I will definitely be buying the full size! Links to the products are down below.