Kiehls is a cult favorite among many. The brand started over 100 years ago and has been the line many luxury hotels and gyms use, such as Equinox. I discovered the brand 5 years ago and fell in love after using a couple of products and seeing amazing results. The brand has many different collections for different skin types. As the years went by and I grew older, my skin started getting more sensitive and combination, and acne was something I would stress about. I started to read tons of articles about acne and got informed as to what my skin needed for radiance and youth. When I started using Kiehls, my skin was sensitive and I got one or two pimples every now and then, so I bought the Ultra Hydration line. Then, one day I was shopping around at Saks and I came across the Kiehls counter; I had finished my Ultra Hydration line which wasn't right for my skin at the time and decided to try the Oil Eliminator Line. I hoped that this would get rid of the excess oil my skin had been producing from the humidity in Miami. The Oil Eliminator Face Wash is a daily cleanser that has crushed apricot seeds to help exfoliate but doesn't leave skin too dry. The toner has cucumber which helps hydrate and restore skin, and the serum helps retexturize skin and got rid of some scars that I had gotten from picking at my skin. The oil controlling moisturizers is among one of my favorite moisturizers because it leaves my skin hydrated and soft while helping reduce that oily look. The avocado eye cream is a necessity for me because I love looking young and healthy, and skin is an investment because you wear it everyday. This is a line that I'll always return to during the summer, when I'm breaking out, or producing extra oil. Remember, great skin is the best accessory!