Rosehip seed oil and why I love it 😍

Rosehip oil is hyped in the beauty community for its amazing natural benefits. This oil makes your skin instantly dewy and leaves a subtle glow if used lightly. The Rosehip oil is hydrating but it’s heavy if you use too much so I suggest 1-2 drops of oils usually. I sometimes use this as a moisturizer alone such as in the summer however with the winter  approaching my skin is more sensitive so I use this before my moisturizer. Rosehip oil is really good for acne prone skin because it contains other antioxidants and proven anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin A & C. Overall I would give this oil from Heritage Store a 9/10, and will link an alternative oil I also love. 


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Rosehip Seed Oil

Other oil I like for all skin types: 

Sunday Riley UFO

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