Sisley $500 Moistuzier

Sisley is a luxury skincare line that always kills the game with amazing products and benefits. I decided to splurge and get the Sisleya L'Intergal Anti-Age Moisturizer and try it out. It came in classic packaging, and I received a sample toiletry pouch with the purchase. The moisturizer smells floral, which I love, and it is very creamy. I wore the moisturizer religiously for the past week, and surprisingly enough I love it even for the price tag. It made my skin so hydrated, and I had no pores. I love how it left my skin looking and feeling and small smile lines I had seemed to be plumping and showing less, and my skin is firm like a Barbie doll. I never want to switch from this moisturizer but I am still very young and changing around moisturizers is good because your skin doesn't get lazy or to used to products. Overall I loved this product and will be applying at least once a week before bed for all the anti-aging effects and to have clear brightened skin. I give it a 10/10 and will definitely be keeping in my toiletry cabinet. Thanks for reading -Chaz