$8 vs. $100 razor

Shaving is something not much of us like to talk about. It is a touchy subject however as a man I have to shave often. I have gotten laser hair removal so I don't have to worry as much as the average Joe, however, the skin on your face is very hard to remove with lasers due to the fact that you can get hyperpigmentation from sun exposure. So razors are something I hate dealing with but Barbasol sent me their new razor in PR and I have to say I love it. I have a four blade Art of Shaving Razor that is over $100 but it occasionally cuts me and leaves hairs. So when I received this razor I was skeptical but I have to say I love the six razors and it leaves everything smooth and I haven't cut myself anywhere. The quality on the Barbasol is up to par with the Art of Shaving razor it has a sleek design, its sturdy and I love the razor since its flexible and removes all hairs with one glide for $8. I think everybody should have this and I wouldn't trade this over my art of shaving any day. Thanks so much for reading -Chaz

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