Sisley Eye Contour Mask Review

Sisley is a Parisian brand that I’m obsessed with, and it is an old lady cult favorite. I have reviewed tons of their products but have always wanted to try out the Eye Contour Mask, so I decided to buy it. The mask comes in Sisley’s traditional, elegant packaging with instructions, and the mask claims to have a “gel patch” type of texture to leave under eye bags to hydrate and soften. The mask smells tropical and has a green color that turns translucent as you apply to your face. Once I applied the mask under my eyes, it had a gel-like consistency, but it stayed in place and started to tighten firmly into my skin. The mask contains a unique combination of active ingredients, vitamins, and trace elements. I left the mask on for ten minutes as instructed and it helped hydrate my skin and smooth away fatigue and puffiness. I noticed after I took it off that fine lines around my eyes looked reduced, my dark circles were gone, and my skin just looked refreshed. I loved that it applied super smoothly, had a gel patch consistency, and stayed in place while transforming my skin with hydration. Overall I would give this mask a 10/10 and love that it hydrated my skin and got rid of my dark circles and stayed on the whole time with no problems. I love the formula and will definitely be using this as my eye mask for now on because NOBODY WANTS WRINKLES so… thanks so much for reading xoxo -Chaz