Jet Lag Mask in First Class

Summer Fridays is a brand that was launched a couple months ago by two influencers (Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Gores). The beauty influencers made two products the Jet Lag mask which hydrates & a Overtime Mask which exfoliates and hydrates. I bought this mask before flying back to Miami and I wore this in First class from Miami to New York. I applied the mask and it was very easy to apply and I love the packaging. It has a beautiful smell which a hint of peppermint. The mask is packed with antioxidants and is all natural, the creators designed it because they travel a lot and they felt like their skin was always dry so it’s designed to be for on the go and can be used anywhere to hydrate your skin. I decided to apply it on an airplane because I was flying back to school after a short vacation I took back to Miami to visit family. When flying planes recycle air inside the cabin so your skin gets dry and gross. I asked the first class attendant for a warm towel after the ten minutes passed and she kindly brought me two warm towels. I removed it very easily and followed in with a serum & moisturizer. I overall loved the mask and it hydrated my skin and made it look amazing. I definitelyd will be using this more and I’ve actually been following Marianna Hewitt for a while so I was so happy to like her product and I enjoyed using it in first-class because if you check out Summer Friday’s Instagram it’s all plane based. I give it a 10/10 because it left my skin super dewy and hydrated. Thanks so much for reading and I will link everything down below. ❤️