Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask

Glow Recipe is an up and coming brand that many influencers are beginning to test out. I stopped in at Sephora the other day while I was shopping and decided to try out the new sheet mask. The mask was $8 and came in two pieces of jelly-like material covered in serum. It applied very easily to my skin and had a natural smell. As soon as I applied it, it had a calming effect on my skin, and there was excess serum which I felt my skin soaking in asking for more. I wore it for 15 minutes, and after peeling it off, I rubbed the serum into my skin and followed with toner and moisturizer. My skin looked poreless, and had a smooth feel afterward. I bought another to see if it worked and made sure it didn't cause any reactions to my skin, and I can genuinely say I love this mask and all the positive effects that follow. I read the ingredients and was amazed at the ingredients; Watermelon extract is used for its antioxidants and intense hydration, while tiger grass is used for its healing powers and soothing effects for sensitive skin. This mask can be used for any skin type but is very beneficial for sensitive and oily skin because it helps balance skin while hydrating at the same time. Overall I loved this mask and will be trying the Glow Recipe sleeping mask next. Thanks for reading xoxo -Chaz