Clarins SOS Nourishing Balm Mask

Clarins is a French brand that focuses on skincare, sun-care, and makeup. I had heard of the brand many times but always stayed away for an unknown reason. The other day I ran into an old teacher of mine while grabbing lunch and we were catching up, and she told me I should try Clarins out for my blog. So, the other day while shopping around at Nordstroms I bought the SOS Nourishing Balm Mask because my skin needed some hydration. The mask retails for $34 and contains mango butter which is used in many skin care products for its immense hydration. I applied a thick layer, and it had a heavy smell of mango which I loved and applied smoothly. I left it on for ten minutes and removed with Luke-warm water, and realized that the thick layer had sunk into my skin and become a translucent color. The mask left my face looking radiant and smooth while hydrated. Overall I loved the mask and have used it a couple of times since and have no complaints. I would recommend this to anybody any skin type that is looking for radiance and hydration because even if you have oily/acne skin, your skin needs moisture and may be creating excess oil to compensate for the moisture it is lacking. Thanks so much for reading and I will be reviewing the rest of these masks soon.