Sheet masks under $10

I went to a couple different stores in search of good sheet masks. I got a pomegranate mask because it contains powerful antioxidants that repair damage from the sun and environmental factors that age skin, it’s great for hyperpigmentation and age spots. I loved the $5 pomegranate mask and it left my skin looking brightened and iluminated, while also moisturizing and rejuvenating my skin. Although a little sticky after removing the mask, the product does eventually seep into your skin, and make its effects more long lasting. 

The next mask I tried was a pearl sheet mask and pearl is used in many Asian skincare products since pearl contains antioxidant, rebuilding, brightening, and firming properties. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and my skin was glowing. My skin felt tight and refreshed. It does not require rinsing and yet my skin didn’t feel sticky afterwards. The next morning I found my completion to be more clear and even. 

The last mask I used was a Rose face mask from Sephora. Rose is used in many luxury products such as Fresh, because roses are one of the best anti-inflammatory and scar reducing ingredients. I used this mask while I had a small break out on my cheek. It reduced redness and calmed my skin and left it feeling extremely hydrated. My skin looked refreshed.I love this mask to give my skin a boost of radiance. 

I tried a couple more masks but I didn’t like them because they felt to sticky or left me feeling oily. Down below are photos of the masks I liked and you can click through to shop.

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