Glamglow Bubblesheet Mask

Glamglow is hands down one of my favorite companies. They just released the a bubbling oxygen sheet mask and I decided to buy it online. The bubblesheet is a sheet mask soaked in green tea. It was a little difficult to pull apart because of all the product it’s soaked in. However once I applied the mask I instantly felt my skin cooling down. It felt like it was closing up my pores and deeply hydrating. The mask smelled like tea tree oil and charcoal when I first opened the packaging which I loved the smell of. It claims that it is bamboo charcoal-infused and it activates an oxygenating and tingling 3D bubbling experience that instantly invigorates, detoxifies, and removes face makeup. The bubbling underneath the mask felt gentle and I removed after 10 minutes. The mask left my skin looking smooth and refreshed while also removing discoloration that I had. I overall loved the mask and will definitely be using it again. I have tried the Instamud by glamglow which is their other oxygen mask and I love both but this one is amazing for travel. With this being said I give it a 10/10 and will definitely give it to a couple friends as gifts. 

-Thanks for reading xoxo, Chaz