$135 SKII Facial Treatment Mask Review

SkII is a Japanese skincare brand that is often raved about by models and bloggers. It falls into the "high fashion" of skincare brands and I have tons of friends who rave about it. The mask is the first product I've used from them. The mask claims to immerse your skin in deep hydration while removing dullness and uneven skin tone. When I first opened up the mask I was so thrilled to see that the sheet mask didn't have two parts, which I hate to peel away and figure out which one to use. The mask smelled amazing and had a scent of floral yet a hint of vanilla. It was the easiest application process for a mask I've ever experienced, there was no dripping or ripping, and it had tons of extra serum which I applied after removing the mask. The mask felt like an at home spa treatment which I loved because I sat down on instagram and lit a candle. I loved the mask and my skin looked brightened, moisturized and smoother. My skin has never looked better after a mask and I loved how it evened out my skin and removed redness that I had from sun exposure and a small pimple. Overall I would give this mask a 10/10 and highly recommend the price is expensive but this is a great replacement to a facial at a spa where you would be paying much more for a mask to be placed as well.

Thanks so much for reading xoxo -Chaz

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