Evian Facial Toner

When people hear Evian they automatically think overpriced bottled water. But the company released a toner a couple years ago and I've actually been slightly obsessed with it. I use it after washing my face before applying serum and moisturizer. Evian claims that the toner is imported from an underground water source in the French Alps. They also claim to have a balanced level of minerals and pH. The mineral water helps to enhance the performance of all other skincare products by hydrating the skin prior to the use of moisturizers. I also take this with me when I travel because of high altitude and bad air quality and this instantly restores my skin after one spray on a plane. If you are a avid traveler or just like to try new innovative products I would definitely recommend this because it has changed how I travel, however I prefer the Caudalie Beauty Elixir over this but some people do not like the smell of Caudalie's toner so this is a great alternative if you don't like rosy scents.