FOREO Luna Mini

If you truly care about your skin you know that your hands are the last thing that should be on your face. Your hands touch everything that you pass by or grab onto and accumulate millions of germs. Imagine washing your face with your hands and transferring millions of germs and oils to your face. I can't even picture it in my head because it grosses me out... so for a while I was using a Clara-sonic which is a brush system that has changeable brushes to match your skin concern but I had a huge problem with it. First off, it is expensive and secondly and most importantly it accumulates bacteria in the brushes because it usually doesn't dry correctly and the brushes are not hygienic. So I switched to Foreo because the Luna mini 2 has silicone brushes which don't absorb bacteria and has 8,000 T-sonic pulsations with no brush replacement EVER. It is great at cleansing skin morning and night and has 3 different modes that you can use if your skin is sensitive, oily or combination. After using this product I noticed that I was getting less blackheads around my nose because it cleanses really well. 

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1. Fore Luna Mini 2