Kate Somerville Pimples Be Gone

Kate Somerville is an esthetician who has catered to huge celebrities such as Paris Hilton who gets facials weekly at Kate's clinic. Kate Somerville created her own line in the vision that everybody deserves perfect skin and many lines are not scientifically tested so she created one with botanicals and high quality products. I heard about the line 2 years ago after my dads girlfriend had just gone a Sephora shopping spree and told me I had to try the line. I have used the entire Clinic Skin Changer which I can say without a doubt transformed my skin to be more radiant and smooth. I currently only use the ExfoliKate Cleanser which smells amazing and gets rid of everything in your pores, and if I have a pimple I apply the Eradicate Acne Treatment which overnight dries out pimples with the help of Sulfur. I definitely recommend this brand and hope to restock on Dermal Quench Liquid Lift which is an oxygen and botanical infused spray for skin and is applied before moisturizer to get rid of dull and wrinkled skin. I personally love this brand, the packaging and the vision of the brand and 9/10 recommend this my only problem is the price but it is definitely worth every penny. I'll link below the products I am currently using along with a travel set to try out the Blemish Banisher (Acne Prone Skin) and Clinic Skin Changer (Mature/Dull Skin)                                      -Chaz

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