Why I get facials biweekly

If you care about your skin as much as I do, then this will definitely be a beneficial blog post. Since I was a little boy, I've been obsessed with skincare and cosmetics because your skin an investment you wear every day. Acne is something that I had to learn about in depth because my dad had acne as a teen but my mom to this day still doesn't get pimples, so my skin is combination. I spent months on months learning about skin and different routines that celebrities were using to have perfect ageless skin. I get facials biweekly to turn over/ remove dead skin cells and let my facialist take care of any extractions. It's important to let a professional take care of your skin because popping a pimple incorrectly can cause an infection or worse scarring. For a while, I had a picking problem and would sit in front of the mirror popping pimples that weren't even ready, which caused some scarring. So now I get facials biweekly and already have a set appointment on Saturday mornings which I usually share on Snapchat and Instagram stories, Finding the right facialist is very hard and finding an inexpensive good one is even harder. Facials are supposed to be relaxing, and I've gone through many different spa's and products. 2-3 days after a facial, your skin should be radiating and look almost flawless so if you go somewhere and they leave any scars DO NOT return there, trust me from experience they don't know what they are doing. At the moment I go to a family friend who gives me an outstanding rate and uses a fantastic line that has completely helped me get rid of any acne and discoloration, something to note is that everybody's skin is different. For my facials, I use a line called Germaine De Cappuccini based out of Paris, and the line has various products to take care of multiple skin concerns. At first, I was hesitant when I started getting facials through this line, but it has completely transformed my skin through the serums and moisturizers and the products are amazing for sensitive skin which I have. The products are hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested so you will not break out, and even their CC cream is light an oil free so you can apply for some coverage without worrying about breaking out. Overall I would rate the brand a 9/10 with my only problem being the price range, but you can find most of the products on Amazon which I will link down below.

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