Ole Hendrickson Skincare Routine

The other day I was posting my everyday nighttime routine, and I woke up the next day to the incredible news. As an influencer, I love to lead people towards the right brands for their skincare concerns. When I shop for products, I usually look for balancing products that target acne and cause less oil production and I also look for brightening or hydrating products to give my skin a natural glow. I had used Ole Hendrickson for a while because the line uses botanical products that are good for the skin and natural. But I had run out of their products and only had an eye cream left, tagged the eye cream in my Instagram story and the next morning woke up to a direct message from the brand saying they wanted to put me on their PR team. To me, it was a huge deal, and I ONLY work with brands that I love and would use myself. I used Ole Hendrickson heavily when my skin first started going through maturity, and I would get lots of pimples and blackheads. I asked to receive products for my combination skin because knowing your skin-type and buying products designed especially for your skin is the most important thing to do because buying a heavy moisturizer for acne prone skin is a crime to the skin so you must know your skin before shopping for it. The Balancing Oil control cleanser is one of my favorite face washes because it leaves your skin cleansed without stripping nutrients from your skin which could cause more breakouts if nutrients were stripped. I had never used the Walnut Scrub but received it in my PR package, and it smelled amazing, and I could honestly say feels like Caudalie which is another favorite of mine that exfoliates very well and leaves my skin radiating the next morning. I love the Truth Serum, so I asked for it specifically in my package because it has vitamin C  which is a multivitamin for skin and helps even out your skin tone. My favorite moisturizer from the line for my skin-type is the Sheer Transforming Perfecting Moisturizer because it is oil free so it doesn't cause more pimples from forming while allowing moisture to penetrate the skin and removes dark spots caused from acne. Overall this is one of my favorite lines, and honestly, for the price tag, it is unbeatable. I would rate this a 10/10 and would recommend to anybody who has skin trouble or just wants a good line, and I'm so grateful that I am now working together with such an impressive brand.  Click the Image to shop through or scroll down for links :)