Why sunscreen is vital to beauty

Sunscreen is a necessity in an beauty regimen for a reason. Our ozone layer continues to decrease due to pollutants, and this in turn is allowing more UV rays to enter into our atmosphere. This means that the UV rays now are stronger than they were 25 years ago due to the ozone reflecting less rays. This means that more people are getting skin cancer and wrinkles. Premature aging and dark spots are caused by sun exposure with no protection. Many sunscreens in drug stores contain chemicals that are harmful to our skin or cause breakouts. Below are sunscreens that I use and trust. Sunscreen should be applied every single day to face for medical prevention of aging, acne scars and uneven skin tone. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to apply a thin layer of sunscreen before hopping out the door your skin with thank you with radiance and youth in return. Xoxo -Chaz