So I firmly believe that what you apply to your skin is very important. Specific drugstore brands are known to rush products and use harmful ingredients to lower the cost of production. For that reason, I watch what I use, but I have seriously been loving Sisley skincare. Invest in your skin after all you wear it every day. I got the floral toner and a sensitive moisturizer. The toner smells like rose water, and the moisturizer smells floral. The toner is a lifesaver, and it's my second bottle, it contains no alcohol which I made sure of, and soothes skin before applying other products. I got a sensitive moisturizer because my skin got sensitive in the sun from tanning during Miami swim week so botanical extracts are great for repairing damaged skin from the sun or other environmental factors. I wore the moisturizer for a week and saw that it left my skin plumb while making it brighter and softer. I love using multiple items in skincare lines because when brands create their skincare, they make sure to balance the PH throughout products. So overall, I love using the sensitive "drug store" moisturizer it leaves my skin glowing, and the toner balances it while hydrating and removing redness. I recommend these two products if your skin is needing the boost to go for it, your skin will thank you. Xoxo -Chaz

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